5 Ways to Drop Unhealthy Weight

Our culture is saturated with sugary foods. One out of every five children has now been statistically proven to be overweight. Sugar is very hard to avoid but very much worth avoiding. The way to start is to get educated, and to get mad at the nonsense you’ve been fed.

1. Develop a Plan
Exercise regimes and balanced nutrition programs are everywhere. The hard truth is that, for the majority us, we still tend to creep up the scale regardless of all the information that is out there. The way to tackle this is to develop a plan with set goals.

2. Set Attainable Goals
Eat & Train with a purpose. Create short, daily habits. Set small goals at first and if you slip get up with self-compassion and without judgment.                     

3. Track Success
Measure your midsection around your belly button and take a picture on the same day every week in order to provide both accountability and a visual diary that you can be proud of.

4. Burn your body fat in your sleep with Ketosis
The best time to burn body fat is while you’re at absolute rest. The catch here is to completely starve yourself of excess sugar and simple carbohydrates. Nutritional Ketosis is a safe way to burn body fat as quickly as possible while keeping a lower exercise regimen. Nutritional Ketosis is a state in which your body draws energy from its own stored fat cells and releases the byproducts through your breath and urine.

Please note: It is healthy for everyone except those who have type 1 diabetes or in the late stages of type 2.  After a withdraw of sugar for 10 days, your body neutralizes its own blood sugar and maintains its energy demands via fat cells

5. Start Now
There’s no better time to start a program than right now. You’re at your healthiest at this exact moment. Unless you are a child, your body slowly expires over time. Muscles get weaker, bones become frail, and energy is more depleted as we age. Getting going only gets harder as life moves on.

Now, what are you waiting for?! Get started now. Not tomorrow or in 20 minutes. Right now!!

Clint Ward

Fitness Director