9 Expert Tips to Make You Feel Awesome

Take hold of your health with our weekly column from Fitness Director, Clint Ward.

Unified Lifestyle

I’ve had the privilege of working with Grant Roberts, who is one of my biggest mentors when it comes to nutrition and healthy living. In this article, I’ll outline some of his key teachings that I’ve learned through years of collaboration and nutritional seminars with Grant.

Grant is an expert fitness coach to celebrities such as Hilary Swank, Morgan Freeman, and former UFC Champion George St. Pierre, among many others. He owns multiple gyms in North and Central America and travels the rest of the globe in to spread his nutrition strategies. Check out his site for tons of useful stuff.

Grant is the founder of Unified Lifestyle and is in line with the majority of GRIPBELL’s nutritional philosophies. UL takes a long-term lifestyle approach, not necessarily prioritizing fat loss in the beginning, and instead stresses the end result of personal wellness: the idea of committing to healthy habits throughout the rest of your life.

Here are his 9 Essential Elements for Success (paraphrased):

1: Enjoy Life – Stress makes you hoard fat and breaks down a healthy body. Relax and have fun throughout the process.

2: Eat Naturally – Eat natural foods during the majority of your week. Save two days for comfort foods in moderation. (Slight differences in Rapid Body Transformation methods)

3: Be Consumed – We are made up of 50-60% water, 20-25% protein, 10-25% fat, 4% minerals, 1-2% carbohydrates, and trace amounts of vitamins. Eating in proportion to what you consist of is a decent guideline for wellness.

4: Wholly Fit – Exercise daily for maximum benefit. Doesn’t have to be extreme. Switch up the intensities from high-to-low throughout the week.

5: No Brain, No Gain – The Brain is a muscle. Switch up your routine and challenge the brain just like any other muscle. Don’t kick into autopilot.

6: Get Stressed – A little stress is good. Chronic stress is bad. We work best when set outside our comfort zone. A little physical and mental stress promotes growth.

7: Balance – Life is about balance. Train all aspects of fitness: strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility. The body was never intended to be one-dimensional, or still for long periods of time, for that matter.

8: Rest, Recover, and Replenish – Sleep is crucial. Your body needs deep sleep in order to recover from the stress applied on it at any given day. Feed your body the proper nutrition in order to recover effectively.

9: Show up – Showing up is half the battle. Show conviction to the process. Don’t just talk about it. Be accountable and force action. You must maintain a consistent desire to achieve your goals. Temporary workout regimens never help out in the long run.

See you next week,

Clint Ward

Fitness Director