Getting Your Mind Right

Think about your body and health as a project that you must manage. Once you start, the next step of all projects is the planning phase. You have to wrap your mind around the scope of the project by understanding risk, cost, time, quality, etc. Planning is the most crucial step since it either sets you up for success or you learn your limitations. Maybe you realize halfway through that you need to lower your expectations or that you set the bar too high. You need to know clearly what you’re getting yourself into and the amount of work required.  

I always tell my clients, “Get your mind right and your body will follow!” Understanding the basic human anatomy before you begin is the most important part: how it metabolizes food, the reactions of low-to-moderate-to-high intensities, the process of movement, your connective tissues, bone structure, different strengthening principles, recovery periods, and so on.

You must also understand your true motivation, establish realistic goals, and develop the patience that’s required to get you there. Those that are already on their journey will tell you it’s not an easy mountain to climb. It shouldn’t be. There’s no growth without failure. I’m not talking about collapsing on your sets or throwing up on your 15th-mile run but instead, each day should bring something new to the table. Challenge your comfort zone and give yourself the ability to adapt and overcome a daily hurdle.