Fit for the Brain!

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Fit for the Brain!

The brain’s response to fitness is one of the most complex and controversial topics between the fitness and science community. As a Fitness Coach, I can attest to the increases in energy and alertness after we exercise, but from a scientific research and development point of view, studies have barely been able to scratch the surface on what that means for the overall health development of the human brain.      

According to research, the brain consists of over 100 billion brain cells known as neurons.  These neurons send electrochemical signals to one another via trillions of synapse outlets interwoven throughout the brain and central nervous system. One neuron could potentially communicate with thousands of other brain cells within a single instant.

This is another way that fitness becomes beneficial for the average sedentary lifestyle. Communication between the brain and body can be perfected by increasing the rate of synapses fired during activity. In other words, our mind becomes more efficient the more active we are.  

Check out this article to learn about synaptic plasticity in relation to memory.

The brain is the control center for all things within the body, voluntary or involuntary, and needs to be recognized as a muscle that you need to train above all else. To exercise the brain properly, you must challenge it in a variety of ways. And when it comes to variety, there’s no fitness tool that does it better than GRIPBELL.


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Clint Ward

Fitness Director, GRIPBELL