GRIPBELL reviewed by One Cut Reviews

When the suns out so are the guns and while many of us hit the gym to get that beach-ready-body, one company wants you to rethink your fitness routine by working out differently. Gripbell, wants to shake up the fitness segment with a more effective way to use handheld free weights to workout.

If you have stepped into a gym lately, it is often complete with some frustratingly outdated equipment and old school ways of thinking when it comes to approaching a workout. The creator of Gripbell – Mark Wood – knew there had to be a better way, after a successful Kickstarter campaign and tireless design prototypes, the Gripbell was created.

What makes the Gripbell so unique is how it improves on classic free weight design. With a focus on multiple grip points, a low profile, soft polyurethane outer, consistent sizing, and no exposed metal, Gripbell has the potential to replace all current handheld free weight products on the market.

Comprised of Eco-friendly recycled cast iron wrapped in a comfortable hypoallergenic polyurethane exterior, the advantage of this design is the grip it also brings to the end user which means it is possible for you to incorporate it in any stage of fitness comfortably. It also worth mentioning that it is also very versatile and can be used to strengthen and/or stretch which is perfect for other disciplines like yoga, rowing, aquatics and so on.

A real highlight of this product is that with its seemingly perfect weight distribution, as you move up to heavier weights and feel yourself getting stronger, the size of the Gripbell remains the same, no need to move to larger more elaborate equipment. It also allows users to challenge themselves to a more intense routine without worrying about losing control of the equipment.

With its innovative design and safer workout promise, this is one of few fitness products on the market we can recommend to all ages. With the very affordable price of just $279 for a full set that includes a 3,5,8,10,12-pound Gripbell, there really is no more excuses when it comes to getting fitter this Summer.

BUY yours here – GRIPBELL Home Gym Workout Weights for Men & Women – All-in-one Replacement for Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Plates & Other Handheld Weights – Firm Grip, More Intuitive & Hypoallergenic – Travel-Friendly