Walk for Your Life

Take hold of your health with our weekly column from Fitness Director, Clint Ward.

Walk While the Weather's on Your Side 

The warmer months are best spent outdoors. What better way to begin or switch up an exercise routine than by using what Mother Nature has already given you? One of the most inexpensive but effective ways to get in shape is to simply step outside and go for a walk.

How easy is this? The combination of sunlight and oxygen will enhance your body’s ability to shed fat. Walking on a trail or around your neighborhood is an easy solution to transform your body. Start with 30 minutes a day and build from there as your energy increases.

How to Stay Motivated

If you’re having trouble staying motivated, then try switching up the activity from time to time. Partnering up with a family member, or friend, to go play a game of frisbee makes you forget that you’re even exercising in the first place.

Choose a more competitive sport such as beach volleyball, outdoor two-hand touch football, or tennis if you seek some action. If you like to play solo, then golfing, swimming, or running might be more your style. It doesn’t matter what you decide, just as long as you keep the body moving consistently.



Monday: 30 minute walk around neighborhood before dinner

Tuesday: 15 minute run on the treadmill, 30 minutes strength training with GRIPBELL, 15 minute stretch

Wednesday: 30 minute swim at the pool, 15 minute stretch

Thursday: 15 minute run on the treadmill, 30 minutes strength training with GRIPBELL, 15 minute stretch

Friday: 30 minute walk around neighborhood before dinner

Saturday: 1 hour hike on a trail after breakfast, 30 minute Frisbee toss with friend after lunch

Sunday: 3 hours of family fun (golf, variety of outdoor activities)

The schedule above is an example of what I recommend for the beginning client. Their body will be in motion on a daily basis but the activities will alter throughout the week. It’s more important to keep it interesting and stay consistent than it is to have longer and more intense workouts.

Combine the workout schedule with a dialed in nutrition plan and you will see the benefits of a smaller waistline within the first week. Continue to maintain discipline throughout the entire month and watch your body melt away the fat!

70% Diet & 30% Exercise

Nothing will change if you don’t take your nutrition plan seriously. A diet doesn’t have to be boring especially during the summer. Throw some meats and veggies on the grill and enjoy! Steaks, fish, chicken, and pork are all part of a balanced diet. Vegetables and a pinch of fruit should be added for the essential fiber, minerals, and vitamins. And as a general rule of thumb, avoid the pasta salad.

Sometimes the message is as simple as just getting out there and doing it. The warmer weather is all we need to regain motivation towards acquiring a healthy and lean body. Exercise can be fun and stress-free if you allow it to be. Now go out and enjoy life!


See you next week,

Clint Ward

Fitness Director