GRIPBELL Does It All and More Anywhere

Large/Small Gyms, at Home, Office or in your Luggage

GRIPBELL is a revolutionary Elite Performance Fitness Tool (EPFT) that replaces all other handhelds, weighted gym equipment and enhances any cardio, yoga, MMA as well as most other fitness routines. 

Benefits of GRIPBELL:

  • Saves space
  • Saves time in switching between fitness tools
  • Save $$$ overall in set consolidation
  • Safe & Easy to use
  • Excellent fitness RESULTS


Best “All-In-One” Superior, Simple, and Safer Design ever INVENTED!

A single GRIPBELL set can replace a room of dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls. You can flow from grip to grip, using the multiple grip points for hundreds of movements. And because each patented GRIPBELL has the same basic design and shape, you can change the weight without interrupting your routine and saving time.



Workout Smarter Not Harder

GRIPBELL consolidates all other handhelds, weighted fitness equipment for Gyms and families at home with SAFE and EASY fitness tools for ALL ages and fitness levels. 

The fitness tools revolutionary, patented GRIPBELL design is specially engineered to offer multiple grip points for hundreds of movements while being safer to use and easier to store, especially for the home. Transfer grip positions and even perform fluid hand-to-foot exchanges for strength training, rehabilitation, or to enhance cardio and other fitness routines.

Natural Movement

Unlike other free weights, GRIPBELL is made with a recycled cast iron core at its center. The weight is perfectly distributed so you can increase intensity in training or rehabilitation without fear of losing control of the equipment.

Feel the Grip

The first 5 weighted tools ranging from 3-12 lbs are wrapped with a grippy, polyurethane exterior. That means all the grip with none of the slip. But accidents happen, and that’s why we designed the GRIPBELL to be safer than your traditional dumbbell or kettlebell with no sharp edges & weighted endpoints overall in the design.