GRIPBELL Coach Certification

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What is GRIPBELL certification program?

 If you are a new group fitness instructor, personal trainer or one with no experience as an instructor, you will enjoy training the lower body, upper body, core and cardiovascular systems with this effective GRIPBELL Strength and Recovery instructor method. The master trainer offers tips for cuing and how to stabilize the core to perform excellent functional movement. This certification includes the anatomy, biomechanics, and a specific GRIPBELL Strength and Recovery GSR template that can be used as a stand-alone workout or integrated into cardiovascular or strength training. Upon completion, each participant will gain an intensive understanding of GSR and awarded a GRIPBELL Coach Certificate of Completion.

The GRIPBELL certification program includes: 

• GRIPBELL Training Principles Zip, Lock, Load, NS, Breath, Progressions & Stretch

• GRIPBELL Strength and Recovery Training Method GSR

• GRIPBELL Specific Teaching Principles

• Design a creative GRIPBELL workouts for every level integrate GRIPBELL exercises into existing workouts

• GRIPBELL GSR Masterclass


The course is designed and provided by Demetreous Hill, MS for GRIPBELL Company exclusively.

A passionate and skillful industry leader, Demetreous has developed programs for Leisure Sports, Inc., GRIPBELL and Five Starr Pilates. Demetreous is a Professor of Business Administration, Health and Physical Education for southern California community colleges. He holds a BA in History with an emphasis in International Relations and Masters in Health Care. Demetreous is a Personal Trainer educated by the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas. He is a Pilates instructor educated by Body Arts and Sciences International, a veteran IDEA World presenter and a fitness expert.