3 lb Red GRIPBELL (Pair)

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3 lb Red GRIPBELL (Pair)

Includes two (2) Red GRIPBELLs at 3 lb (1.36 kg) each.


The Inner Core

GRIPBELL's internal frame is made of recycled cast iron. The core's of the lightest two weights — 3 and 5 pounds — are made of solid PVC.

Grip-Friendly Exterior

GRIPBELL's exterior is a molded-over hypoallergenic polyurethane. Even the colored part is made of the same material so everything feels the same and seamless.

Dimension Measurements

All GRIPBELLs are exactly the same physical size and shape, so your muscles focus on getting stronger rather than relearning and remastering each time you move up a weight level. Long live muscle memory!

Comes in Five Colored Weights

If GRIPBELL is of the same size and shape how can I tell which weight to use? Most of the industrial dumbbells and barbells are difficult to tell apart even if they’re in different sizes. With GRIPBELL, it is easy to tell the difference: color.