GRIPBELL Barre Training

GRIPBELL Barre Training

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GRIPBELL Training Principles Zip, Lock, Load, NS, Breath, Progression & Stretch

• Barre specific teaching principles using GRIPBELL

• Integrate GRIPBELL exercises into Barre workouts

• GRIPBELL Barre Masterclass


This 6 hours of training includes specific GRIPBELL Barre exercises and training principles

taught by Barre Above Master Trainer and International Presenter Kirsten Johnson, a LSI

creative group fitness program designer for GRIPBELL Core Flow and Club Barre.

This training is designed for Barre Instructors who want to integrate the GRIPBELLS

into their Barre classes. GRIPBELLS are the perfect piece of equipment as they replace

multiple dumbbells. They not only can be used for existing exercises, they also allow for

new and innovative exercises. Learn GRIPBELL specific anatomy, biomechanics and

exercise templates. Get ready for new ideas to make your Barre classes functional,

challenging and fun!


Online at your convenience or book an in-club training package


$99.00 for online certification at purchased at the IDEA booth

$129.00 after June 30th, 2019

Ask for special in-club packages


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