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  • ALL IN ONE GYM: Simplify your home gym forever with GRIPBELL. GRIPBELL replaces dumbbells, kettlebells, and just about every other handheld weight you can think of. GRIPBELL can be used for isometrics, interval training, save time, space, and money with a single product.
  • DITCH THE SWITCH: With GRIPBELL, you don’t have to switch weights to do different exercises. GRIPBELL’s multiple grip points make it capable of performing hundreds of moves without dropping the weight!
  • MAXIMUM VERSATILITY: GRIPBELL fits flawlessly into any workout routine. Use for weight lifting, isometrics, interval training, group fitness, physical therapy, yoga, pilates, and even use it to enhance stretching and static holds.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Unlike kettlebells and dumbbells, our patent pending design evenly distributes the weight across the frame. All GRIPBELL’s are the same size, regardless of weight, so you can add weight to an exercise without retraining muscle memory. All GRIPBELLs are 16.25” x 8.75” x 1.25”.
  • SAFER WORKOUTS: GRIPBELL is wrapped in a soft and grippy polyurethane coating. It features no exposed metal and no hard edges. The design is seamless and all materials used are hypoallergenic.
  • ON THE GO: The revolutionary design lays flat in backpacks and suitcases. Take them with you on your next trip and never miss a workout. Put them in rucksacks and backpacks to safely add weight to different exercises.


  • Polyurethane exterior
  • Recycled cast iron interior
  • PVC Core used for 3lb and 5lb versions


The Inner Core

GRIPBELL's internal frame is made of recycled cast iron. The core's of the lightest two weights — 3 and 5 pounds — are made of solid PVC.

Grip-Friendly Exterior

GRIPBELL's exterior is a molded-over hypoallergenic polyurethane. Even the colored part is made of the same material so everything feels the same and seamless.

Dimension Measurements

All GRIPBELLs are exactly the same physical size and shape, so your muscles focus on getting stronger rather than relearning and remastering each time you move up a weight level. Long live muscle memory!

Comes in Five Colored Weights

If GRIPBELL is of the same size and shape how can I tell which weight to use? Most of the industrial dumbbells and barbells are difficult to tell apart even if they’re in different sizes. With GRIPBELL, it is easy to tell the difference: color.